Force that drives people towards entrepreneurship

Force that drives people towards Entrepreneurship

“These days, if you throw 10 stones in the sky, 8 are likely to fall on people involved in startups”, said RJ Shubham when I told him about my startup plans. Swayed by his comment, I tried to understand the reasons which attract people towards risking it all to be on their own.

Entrepreneurship demands no age! We know of many young age gutsy CEOs who have all it takes to reach the top of the business ladder. It can be Ritesh Agarwal (22) of OYO Room managing a $600 million portfolio, or Shravan Kumaran (17) and his younger sibling Sanjay Kumaran (15) who perhaps are the India’ss youngest entrepreneurs. Shravan (president) and Sanjay (CEO) founded Go Dimensions – an app development unit – five years ago from their bedroom in Chennai!

Let’s look at some of the reasons people embark this adventurous journey with a spirit to start something on their own and be their own boss!

  • Being on your own- People with entrepreneurial drive like to be their own bosses. Such people tend to derive happiness working for themselves with little interference and accountability than working in an MNC where they are answerable and are being monitored at every step. Freedom to take decisions is an amazing feel which people enjoy when they build something on their own from scratch.
  • I want to stand out- Corporate Jargons like performance, onsite, package, ranking, appraisal etc. may sound part of a secured lifestyle, but remember that grass is always greener on the other side. When you speak to the people on the other side, life is not as glamorous as it sounds. In the race of accomplishing goals and meeting targets, people lose out on standing apart from the rest of them. Only a few have the guts to step out and work for something that really interests them. At least they know in the end that they tried and that is what makes them so special!
  • Exposure and Media- Who doesn’t like to be appreciated and admired by friends, family and society. Certainly entrepreneurs work hard since they do it all by themselves. And they derive motivation by working for themselves rather than help realise someone else’s dreams. Cherry on the cake is when such efforts are recognised in the media and you start getting famous.
  • Low complexities to take the first step- The legal and company laws were quite stringent some 20 years back. But with more resources and aid coming this way from both government and private sector, it is becoming easier for people to turn their ideas into actions and then reality. Having an office space, a minimum number of employees and logistics are no more a barrier for non-traditional startup businesses which are digitally driven. The ‘Start up India, Stand up India’ initiative led by the government of India aims at further simplifying the legal complexities to a big extent. This has made less risky for people to be entrepreneurs.
  • Abundance of third party solutions- Have an idea? But no direction? Not a problem anymore! There are several portals designed to fulfil your human resources requirements as per your budget. Some of the widely used are Freelancers, Upwork, eLance, etc.


So don’t wait until someone else starts living your dream. The grass is greener on the other side!

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