Boom, a Startup comes up with Super Sonic Flights: NY to London in 3.5 Hours

Boom, a Startup plans Super Sonic Flights: NY to London 3.5 Hours
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After the news about Super Sonic Planes which would fly at double the speed of sound (1,234 Km/h), Boom CEO Blake Scholl told The Guardian, “This is supersonic passenger air travel, no bullshit, and it’s actually affordable”

To clear, the average speed at which the aircraft fly is 878-926 Km/h. The similar concept earlier in the news was Concorde’s 2.0, which failed to deliver the model its developers projected. But now the Denver-based startup, Boom says that their craft, Mach 2.2 will not only fly faster, but also, be economical enough for its passenger compared to the discontinued Concorde. The Boom plane will achieve the goal with the help of its design and majorly the sitting arrangement. The aircraft will have 40 seats in two rows, making every seat both a window and an aisle seat.

“Ultimately, I want people to be able to get anywhere in the world in five hours for $100,” Scholl said. “To get there you have to improve fuel efficiency, but step-by-step supersonic air travel will become available for everyone.”

Boom Jets’ Mach 2.2 breaking the speed of sound would fly at the speed of around 1,450 mph. But breaking the speed of sound has its consequences. Supersonic travel is currently banned over land in the U.S. for the tremendous sound it produces. For that reason, Boom is focusing on routes from London to New York, San Francisco to Tokyo and Los Angeles to Sydney.

The Startup recently went into an agreement with Richard Branson’s Virgin group, making the prospects even more likely to happen. The company got optioned with first 10 planes by Virgin group that will help in its manufacturing.

The company hopes that its aircraft will be ready to fly by the end of 2017. No date has been estimated for when the full-size version will take flight.



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