Israeli startup invents wearable to turn off menstruation pain

After the buzz around a company offering ‘period’ day off to their women employees in the UK, an Israel-based startup has come up with an uncomprising idea for women to have a happy period. The company has designed a wearable, Livia, to help women turn off their period pain through electrical stimulation.

Livia is based on ‘Gate Control Theory’. It is a combination of circuitry and electrodes that can be fixed to the areas of pain. It comes with a tiny control panel to help turn the pain off by closing the ‘pain gates’ to your brain. A pulse is transmitted to keep the nerves busy and stops the path of the pain signals to the brain.

According to the company, Livia “is a drug-free solution for menstrual pain”.

The startup is currently accumulating funds on Indiegogo and has surpassed its funding goal of USD 50,000. The wearable can be bought for USD 75 as early-bird purchase and USD 85 thereafter, and comes with colour options. A USB charging cable is a part of the Livia case. The company has plans to start delivering as early as October this year.

All too fancy, huh? Check it out for yourself here.

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