Austria Based Startup Fontus Creates Water From Air

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An Austrian start-up is going to bring a self-filling water bottle that converts drinkable water from air. Developed by the team at Fontus, the device is solar powered and works by extracting humidity from the air and condensing it into water at a rate up to 0.5 liters per hour, provided if it’s a very humid day.

The device uses hydrophobic surfaces to repel and funnel the drops of condensation in the bottle, which means you’ll have a constant supply of clean drinking water as long as the air around you isn’t polluted.

According to Fontus founder Retezer Kristof, there is always a certain amount of humidity in the air, it doesn’t matter where you are – even in the desert. That means one would always be potential to extract that humidity from the air.

The bottle will come in two models – The ‘Airo’ and the ‘Ryde’, which is being made specifically for cyclists.

The technology will benefit almost 1.2 billion people in the world who are living in areas where clean water is scarce. Developers have also planned the possibility of adding a carbon filter which could be used to filter out clean water from more polluted areas.

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