5 free tools which Startups must start using from today Itself

5 Free tools, Startups must start using from Today Itself
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Startups have no literal definition. All we know is that a startup is something which is set up out of the comfort zone of individuals. This might not be a fix, but the goal to get the tasks done most efficiently and effectively is certain in all cases. Entrepreneurs starting up, have to consider several costs associated. They have to see that not only the inflows are in line with the estimates, but also the overheads are in budget. The excess overheads may be on the part of administration, operations, employee management, etc. Out of these, one area where they can save on costs, is use of some easy tools instead of hiring an expert to do the tasks.

There are many tools which can be handled easily and can help in not only save costs, but also help entrepreneurs a better control over activities. Some of these are:-

    With more task and less people, chaos of work is not a surprise. Trello enables managing the team work very efficiently. From ‘Idea’ to ‘To Do’ list, from Work in Progress to the completion of task, Trello helps you to track the assignments in your team. Trello stays perfectly in sync across all your devices. Documents and other attachments can also be uploaded. All these features in bunch helps in organizing the work flow.


2- SurveyMonkey
Survey MonkeyAn easy-to-use tool that helps you design, create, collect and analyze surveys. Depending upon the feedback you require, you can choose to build your survey from scratch. They are plenty of pre-designed free templates you can use, if it is a general survey. With SurveyMonkey , you can make your decisions more practical than psychological.





3. Hootsuite

hoot suite
If you trying to stay updated with activities related to your startup on social media, Hoot Suite is for you. It is a Dashboard which puts together different social media on one platform. Easy Navigation through social media on a single portal saves a lot of time and energy. The basic package to link up to 3 social media profiles is completely free to use!



4. Mailchimp

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp is a free email marketing platform that’s the favorite for businesses that are just starting out. The free package is called the “Entrepreneur” and that includes 40+ features, including designer templates, personalized forms, social sharing and a bunch of analytic tools. You can send up to 12,000 emails to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers.




5. SumoMe

Sumo Me


Almost every blog you visit, SumoMe is installed for it. It gives you free tools like Sharing, Heat Maps, Listbuilder, Content Analytics, and Free traffic.



So Start using these free tools and analyze the difference they create in your work-style and performance. These simple and free tools, per experts are in ‘must have’ category!


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