What If You Get Free WiFi in Return for Throwing Garbage!

God knows we need our Wifi, but more importantly, we need to keep our surroundings clean and use the garbage bin more than we do. Throw garbage in a bin and get free WiFi in return? Sounds unreal?

Pratik Agarwal and Raj Desai after having traveled to Europe hit upon the idea of a Garbage Bin that doubles up as a WiFi hotspot after it’s received trash. Under their startup ThinkScream, they also provide other innovative WiFi and RFID solutions for events, festivals and retail setups.wifi-start-up-trash


“If you think about it, keeping the country clean is a very thankless job…nobody comes and pats you on the back for throwing garbage in the dustbin. But we can at least acknowledge the efforts that people are making towards a cleaner nation.”

– Raj Desai

You have a dustbin that generates WiFi codes when you throw in garbage!wifibin1

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