Chinese biotech startup Icarbonx enters the Unicorn list just months after being founded

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News Source: TechinAsia
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In the league of continuous additions to the Unicorn Startup List, China makes the maximum number of entries. Though getting in to the list just before some time was rare, the current scenario is getting different. It all turned around when a recently founded biotech startup Icarbonx announced a Series A round of funding on Monday that now values it at US $1 billion.

Icarbonx was founded in late of October, 2015. The company aims to “Manage Your Digital Life”, as its name suggests; the name centers around “carbon” – the element of life, while the “i” and “X” indicate the company’ss plan to fuse the internet and artificial intelligence to create something entirely new.

Founder Wang Jun believes that it is a one-stop shopping place. It operates a data collection and creation platform to mine data from every aspect and stage of human life and turning the same in to meaningful conclusion.  It has some smart hardware to collect additional data, digital and medical sample storage to maintain its access to data, and even an O2O platform to offer users access to services based on what its AI suggests they might need. Using AI, the data will be mined to aid drug development and set standards to help people live healthy lives. Icarbonx is now one amongst the fastest Unicorns.

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