Spoken Alerts For Upcoming Traffic Conditions in Google Maps.

Google has announced another feature that will help millions of Indians save time while traversing the city roads –The Google Maps app will now give you a spoken alert for upcoming traffic conditions. The app will alert you incase of a traffic congestion ahead and will also let you know the amount of time you will be stuck in the jam.

Last year Google Maps added offline navigation feature to its Android app, which enabled users to use navigation without the need of having internet, bringing it at par with other standalone navigation service providers.

This is an immensely helpful feature to travelers, because it will help them decide whether to take a different route to their destination or to stay the course. The app will also tell you various recommended alternate routes, including explanations for why one is recommended—whether it’s the fastest or just avoids traffic.

Last year, Google launched support for live traffic updates, wherein all users who had traffic layer enabled were able tolive traffic updates using different colours for each route. The color red meant heavy traffic, orange meant medium traffic, whereas the green denoted light traffic or clear roads.

The spoken alert system goes beyond that, where the users do not need to browse through the whole route to see the traffic status. The app will automatically calculate the time taken due to traffic congestion and suggest you the best and fastest route.

The new updates is activated automatically once you switch on the navigation mode on your Google Maps app on Android or iOS.

Recent Google Maps Update

Google Maps in India recently started showing Ola and Uber cabs on their maps along with the time taken and estimated fare to your destination.

In February, Google maps added “Pit Stops” feature, which allows users to add stops to your existing route without the need to exit navigation.

And yes, incase you did not know, Google Maps is available in Hindi too!

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